26 September 2011

Notice from City of Portland foreshadowing TEOTWAWKI

I got a notice in the mail today informing me that garbage pick-up service is being cut in half (every 2 weeks from every week) and fees are increasing by about 8%.

Isn't this actually a more-than-doubling of charges per pound/volume of removed trash?

I'm unimpressed by the promise of a "Food Waste Recycling Bucket" for rodent/vermin attraction. I already compost everything that is not animal based (gristle/bone), and incinerate the bones in periodic "food barbeque" fires or feed them to the cannibal chickens.

The "Portland Composts!" tub looks to be a useful size to become a vacation cooler or chicken-food protector. I'm sure it will do some good somewhere, but like the last round of mandatory rolling plastic garbage containers, it supports enemy factories in Red China.
(Begin foreign policy comment:
Remember how the Red Chinese Army basketball team respects Americans and fair-play in general? Good job with getting some slave labor into our "Green living", Portland planners.

BTW, there are Chinese folks who appreciate our business and continued existence, they live on the island of Formosa in a Country called Taiwan. We should sell them lots of F-16's with the newest-best anti-Red AF night-fighting all-weather avionics and sub-light-speed artificially-intelligent stealth air-to-air missiles. They are spending US$5.6B on upgrades of older aircraft (like F-4 Phantoms?) and paying cash for it. They want to spend even more to get the newest F-16's, and we should sell them plenty! We need more trading partners like this, who actually pay us for what we do best! (end foreign policy comment)

I expect sloppy people to leave their now-over-full garbage cans on the curb, rotting in the sun, for an extra week before pickup. Will there be cash-producing fines for non-compliance with the new "Green" regime? Count on it.

Rodents spread disease. Rodents multiply on garbage not picked up and processed swiftly. Expect plague, after finding mouse pee stains and chew marks on your stuff. Anthropologists find a link between garbage in the streets and rapid depopulation in many defunct societies. I suspect garbage precedes depopulation, not the other way 'round. Thank you, Mayor Sam Adams, and your highly-paid planning classes for the continuing demise of the previously-successful City of my birth.

02 September 2011

The future of Portland Oregon

Areas of attack include increasing costs for bi-annual auto and RV registration, removal of on-street parking from neighborhoods by means of "surface water bio-swales", closing neighborhoods to non-local parking, increasing ticketing and increasing the fines per ticket, adding "traps" to high volume corridors to generate very-expensive tickets, removing lanes from multi-lane streets to add almost-unused bicycle lanes (SE Holgate), removing lanes from major through-ways to add surface light rail, attacking private parking lots by annexation for bike lanes / "future Tri-Met use"/"neighborhood greenspace improvement" . The future of Portland transportation is one of the Big Important People riding in armored/piloted ground vehicles and the Little Peasant People riding on public electrified motor transit/walking/biking.

29 January 2011

The hate began years ago and I'm beginning to notice it.

It begins with increasing parking ticket fines with super-strength enforcement when the downtown is half-empty. I got a $34 ticket 5 minutes expired in a 90 minute zone where I expected to be parked 20 minutes and dropped money for 45 minutes. Powell's sometimes takes a little while to look at a box of books and sometimes you walk right up and are done in 10 minutes. It's hard to tell while navigating the alternating one-way streets where there are signs modifying traffic everywhere and construction going on here-and-there. But hey, that's downtown, where good suburban kids need not drive to spend money, and especially, not contaminate the pure air with SUV exhaust. How about taking one of the TB-infested public transit machines or risking death riding a bicycle in traffic? Uhh, no thanks. I'll just avoid Downtown in the future whenever possible.

The hate continues in the Hawthorne shopping district.

I've got some ideas for images to go with this blog. Look back later.